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Pharmaceutical liability attorneys throughout the United States have had great success in Pradaxa litigation over the last couple of years. But even when there is a wealth of scholarship and statistics exposing the dangers of a drug, manufacturers rarely pay fair compensation without a fight. But you can count on the Phillips Law Offices to be your comprehensive Pradaxa legal help center. We offer the rare combination of small firm attention and personality combined with the reputation and resources of one of the oldest and most respected personal injury firms in the state.

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Getting compensation for any injury can be a complex process that requires the experience of a seasoned pharmaceutical liability lawyer. In most cases, the law’s purpose is to compensate the injured party rather than simply to punish the negligent party. This means that every case is unique and the compensation available depends wholly on the manner and amount of suffering and loss the injured party and his or her family experienced from Pradaxa side effects.

Many victims of defective pharmaceuticals have a great deal of difficulty determining what their injuries due to Pradaxa symptoms are worth and consistently sell themselves short if left to their own devices. Pharmaceutical companies know this and often offer low initial settlements, hoping that the people they injured will bargain away their rights without fully understanding the scope of their losses. But when a pharmaceutical liability attorney gets involved, drug manufacturers know that you are serious.

As Illinois products liability lawyers, we know how to work with doctors and other medical professionals to prove the cause and scope of your injuries and your Pradaxa legal help eligibility. We also know how to value losses and negotiate with drug manufacturers and their lawyers to get fair settlements. But most importantly, with our storied reputation as aggressive and uncompromising advocates, drug companies know that the Phillips Law Offices will not hesitate to haul them into court if necessary to get what our clients deserve and to pressure manufacturers to ultimately perform a Pradaxa recall.

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The Phillips Law Offices has remained up to date with the latest developments regarding Pradaxa. Our Chicago drug liability attorneys closely follow the latest developments regarding Pradaxa and remain informed and prepared to provide Pradaxa help to people harmed by this drug. Call us today at (312) 346-4262 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney. You can count on us to be by your side throughout the course of your pharmaceutical liability case.