Important Statistics about Safety of Pradaxa

Pradaxa Safety Statistics

Dangers surrounding this widely distributed drug

The debut of Pradaxa was among the most momentous events in the pharmaceutical industry in recent history. For the first time, the anticoagulant drug warfarin, which had been approved more than 50 years ago, had a competitor — one that promised to do away with the constant monitoring and dietary restrictions that had long made warfarin so onerous to doctors and patients alike. But from the very beginning, there were serious Pradaxa safety concerns which were never adequately addressed. The result has been hundreds of deaths as well as other serious issues. The Phillips Law Offices are committed to holding Pradaxa’s manufacturer responsible for rushing this drug to market. For more than 65 years, we have helped consumers get justice from companies that put profits above people.

Pradaxa safety statistics

Following an extensive clinical trial that included approximately 18,000 patients, Pradaxa safety statistics indicated that, while Pradaxa patients did have an elevated risk of serious bleeding events, it was comparable to patients taking warfarin. Bleeding issues have long been a recognized side effect of anticoagulant therapy so the risk was considered acceptable. Both the manufacturer of Pradaxa and FDA officials touted this study as proof of Pradaxa safety and the drug received approval in 2010.

Once the drug entered circulation, however, reports of serious bleeding issues associated with Pradaxa began to surface at unexpected levels. This has led to increased scrutiny by medical professionals and scholars, revealing some troubling Pradaxa safety statistics. In March of 2012 the Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a report that found serious bleeding risks were actually much more prevalent in patients taking Pradaxa than those taking warfarin. The study examined a group of 290 patients receiving anticoagulant treatment for atrial fibrillation — half taking Pradaxa and half taking warfarin. The Pradaxa group showed more than twice the bleeding rate of the warfarin group and six times the major bleeding rate. The study concluded that Pradaxa significantly increased the risk of bleeding and thromboembolic complications over comparable warfarin treatment.

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