Pradaxa Lawsuits by Patients and Their Families

Compensation for victims of Pradaxa related death and disability

If you have lost a loved one to a Pradaxa related injury, or if you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury or permanent disability due to Pradaxa, you know that money can never truly compensate you for your loss. But nevertheless, obtaining vindication and closure through a Pradaxa injury lawsuit can be an important step in the healing process. Our team at the Phillips Law Offices is sensitive to the emotional toll of Pradaxa deaths and injuries. With us, you can count on a Pradaxa lawsuit lawyer who is committed to your case and sensitive to your concerns. We will be by your side for the entire litigation process.

Pradaxa class action lawsuits

Pharmaceutical liability cases are distinct from most other types of personal injury litigation. This is because products such as Pradaxa have the ability to affect hundreds, or even thousands of people. For this reason, pharmaceutical liability attorneys often use the class action procedure to combine numerous similar claims into one case, thereby helping a large number of claimants get compensation while minimizing their collective expenses.

Pradaxa class action lawsuits began to appear in 2011, shortly after the manufacturer of Pradaxa and FDA authorities announced troubling statistics regarding Pradaxa-related bleeding deaths. Since then, attorneys across the United States have devoted substantial resources to helping Pradaxa patients and their families recover compensation for injuries and deaths due to bleeding events and other Pradaxa side effects.

Lawsuits against Pradaxa manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim will probably not stop any time soon as the drug continues to be aggressively marketed in the United States and other countries. As of October 2011, over one million Pradaxa prescriptions had been issued in the U.S. While this number may begin to decrease as physicians become more aware of the dangers of Pradaxa, the number of existing Pradaxa patients will, unfortunately, likely continue to produce incidents of injury, disability and death related to this drug.

We are Illinois attorneys who understand Pradaxa litigation

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