Steps in Filing a Pradaxa Case

How to get compensation for Pradaxa complications

In many ways, pharmaceutical liability cases — such as Pradaxa litigation — are unique among personal injury claims. These cases can involve numerous plaintiffs who all had a similar experience. Moreover, because these claims can be highly technical, pursuing them can require substantial resources. Fortunately the federal court system and most state courts have a procedure that allows numerous plaintiffs to combine their resources into a single class action case. The use of class actions has been very common in Pradaxa cases, with some large cases crossing multiple federal court districts. The attorneys of the Phillips Law Offices understand this complicated type of litigation and have the knowledge and experience to effectively manage Pradaxa cases and other types of drug litigation.

Who can participate in a class action?

One of the first steps in filing for a Pradaxa case is to establish a class of people who suffered similar harm from Pradaxa under similar circumstances. Once law firms begin building Pradaxa lawsuits, they usually try to identify potential class members who had similar experiences with the drug. But this can be challenging — which is why it is important for those harmed by Pradaxa to reach out to a law firm that handles this type of litigation.

Before this type of lawsuit can move forward, the court hearing the case must approve — or certify — the class of plaintiffs. In doing so, the court must consider numerous factors including whether the facts of each class member’s claim share sufficient commonality, whether the representative plaintiffs ( those who actually participate in the suit and stand in for the entire class) sufficiently represent the class and whether the number of members in the class justifies the use of a class action rather than individual lawsuits.

Because Pradaxa has numerous side effects and complications, not everyone has experienced its harm in the same way. That is why it is important for plaintiffs to talk to an attorney who is well versed in Pradaxa litigation. The team at the Phillips Law Offices can steer you toward the course of action that is right for you and ensure that your interests are adequately represented.

We are Illinois attorneys understand drug class actions

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