Serious Intracranial Side Effects of Pradaxa

Life-threatening internal bleeding

Intracranial bleeding is the most dangerous of Pradaxa’s numerous side effects and has been linked to over 200 deaths since the drug was first put on the market in 2010. And it was the initial reports of these serious bleeding events that first brought the dangers of Pradaxa into public focus. At the Phillips Law Offices, we are committed to helping the victims of intracranial Pradaxa side effects and their families. These serious bleeding events frequently result in death or serious and permanent disability and we fight to get victims and their families the compensation and vindication they need.

Why Pradaxa bleeding risks are so severe

While all Pradaxa bleeding events — including intraocular and intramuscular bleeds— are serious and have the potential for permanent harm, none are as dire as the dangers posed by intracranial bleeding events. These serious episodes are frequently caused by instances of head trauma but can also occur independent of other injuries. Hemorrhagic stroke as well as subarachnoid and subdural hematoma can cause serious and permanent cognitive difficulties and even death. And what is worse, because there is currently no agent for reversing the anticoagulant effects of Pradaxa, victims of traumatic head injury and other intracranial bleeds may be beyond help even if promptly brought to a hospital.

Despite the serious risk of intracranial bleeding and other Pradaxa side effects, the drug continues to be widely prescribed as an alternative to warfarin. For people with mobility issues, including older patients, this can be problematic as Pradaxa can be especially dangerous for those who are prone to falls. The strong anticoagulant effects of this drug coupled with the lack of a reversing agent can turn a fall that would normally result in a minor bruise into a life-threatening injury.

We are committed to vindicating the deaths and injuries caused by Pradaxa

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