Intramuscular Side Effects of Pradaxa

Painful and debilitating consequences of internal muscle bleeds

As a powerful anticoagulant, Pradaxa raises the risk of internal bleeds throughout the body. And the muscles are no exception. The consequences of intramuscular bleeding can be substantial, including serious pain and permanent damage to blood vessels and nerves. The attorneys of the Phillips Law Offices have seen the consequences of intramuscular Pradaxa side effects. We are proud to have helped numerous victims of these serious and debilitating conditions get the compensation they deserve.

Internal muscle bleeds and compartment syndrome

Structurally, muscles are more complex than most people realize. They are constructed of layers of tissues called fascia which surround and protect blood vessels, nerves and muscle tissue. Fascia tissue is tough and inflexible and creates numerous compartments of fixed size and pressure within each muscle. When blood flow to a muscle is cut for an extended period or when a serious contusion to a muscle occurs, ruptured vessels can pour blood into the compartment, raising its internal pressure. This can be very painful and can also damage the blood vessels and other tissues within the flooded compartment. Compartment syndrome is also among the numerous side effects of Pradaxa.

As is the case with numerous other hematolic side effects of Pradaxa, patients taking the drug can experience unprovoked bleeding as well as serious bleeding events stemming from injuries that would be minor under normal circumstances. When this type of bleeding occurs within a muscle, compartment syndrome can result. Symptoms of compartment syndrome include numbness or decreased sensation, pale skin, severe and increasing pain, weakness and swelling.

Treating compartment syndrome usually requires surgery although the prospects of recovery are good so long as the condition is addressed within 12 to 24 hours of onset. In cases where the condition is not promptly diagnosed, however, it can cause permanent impairments to nerve function in the affected muscle. In extreme cases where the pressure within the compartment blocks blood flow to the muscle, amputation of the affected limb may become necessary.

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