Pradaxa Hypersensitivity Symptoms

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Allergies can be a constant and unpleasant part of life for some. And for drug companies, they should always be a consideration when rolling out a new product. When drug companies fail to adequately address the potential of products to cause allergic reactions and neglect to warn patients and physicians to be vigilant of allergy issues, the results can be catastrophic. Illinois drug liability attorneys dedicate their careers to helping people injured by drug reactions and their families recover just compensation for their losses. Among them, the Phillips Law Offices has a strong reputation for holding drug companies responsible. Our commitment to consumers spans six decades.

Reactions to Pradaxa

For the vast majority of consumers, an allergic reaction to a drug is simply a matter of experimentation. If a Pradaxa skin rash or other minor reaction develops, your doctor switches you to a similar alternative drug. Of course, there is some element of risk for allergic reaction with any new drug. But when a drug has a potential to cause severe allergic reactions, such as serious allergic edema (swelling), anaphylactic shock or even death, drug manufacturers have a duty to discover and assess these risks and advise physicians and patients as to means of avoiding them. Unfortunately, sometimes in their haste to put an exciting new drug on the market, drug companies cut corners on this important precaution.

In addition to its potential for hematolic and gastrointestinal complications, Pradaxa has also been reported to cause allergic reaction in some patients. Specifically for Pradaxa, rash, itching and hives have all been reported as symptoms of allergic reaction. More disturbingly, they can also include swelling of the throat, wheezing and difficulty breathing. Such allergic reactions can become serious if left untreated, especially in frail or elderly patients. While uncommon, hypersensitivity reactions such as anaphylactic shock also can occur. In some extreme cases, it can lead to death.

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