What Pradaxa Help Can an Attorney Offer?

Successfully holding a pharmaceutical company liable for injuries takes legal expertise, access to medical experts and the ability to evaluate and convincingly present the extent of injury associated with the defective drug. Attorneys must have extensive knowledge regarding the Pradaxa research and medical information to offer effective Pradaxa help in a lawsuit.

Despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued repeated recent warnings about Pradaxa, each case is uniquely different and requires tailored representation. For example, one recent issue highlighted the harm Pradaxa causes to patients with mechanical heart valves called mechanical prosthetic heart valves. The FDA announced that in Europe, researchers stopped a recent clinical trial because patients on Pradaxa were at risk for strokes, heart attacks and blood clots forming on the mechanical valves. Their risk was greater than patients taking warfarin (Coumadin). After valve surgery, the Pradaxa patients also experienced greater bleeding than warfarin patients. Lawyers dealing with cases that involve Pradaxa’s use with a mechanical heart valve must develop specific legal strategies to address this unique situation and any resulting damages.

When pharmaceutical liability attorneys review your case to determine Pradaxa legal help eligibility, they scrutinize the details and look for negligence on the part of the pharmaceutical company — such as prior knowledge of risks and a failure to warn medical professionals and patients. Or, they may discover inherent product defects that make the manufacturer liable because the potential side effects far outweigh the drug’s benefits.

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